Den moderna mänskligheten har en dubbelmoral, en som vi predikar men inte tillämpar
och en som vi tillämpar men inte predikar. ~George Bernard Shaw~

Krambjörnen's Olympia
Born: 2006-01-18
Hips: B Elbows: clear Heart: clear Cystinuria clear Pedigree Photogallery

Olympia is our biggest dog, but she is also very well constructed with good bone and has great movement. Some people mean she has too much head for a female, but I think she is feminine even if she has a very powerful head. She is very sweet and has a strong believe in her self too. She is as kind to everyone as her brother Sinner. She is as healthy as she is big, cleared on all healthchecks.
Although she is big, the only one not knowing her size, seem to be Olympia herself. She is a bit of a "Buffalo Bull" when she bumps in to almost everything and everyone, always very unaware of moving furniture, stepping on toes and causing bruisers whenever she likes to cuddle up a little. She is clumsy, but she tries so hard to please us, always trying to work out what we might want her to do. :))
She is a superb mother, with lots of milk, and surprisingly smooth in the puppybox. Maybe she is the greatest of all great mothers.


Proud mum with babies.

Watching over her puppies, she is not letting them out of sight.

Finally asleep after the whelping of her first litter

The whelpingbox is 150 cm square, and it is almost to small for Olympia...........

As a 4 month puppy after chasing the waterhose

Sister and brother at 15 months, of corse you can see who is the female?

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