Jag tar alltid ut glädjen i förskott. Annars blir det aldrig någon. ~Aksel Sandemose~

Junior Champion
Calamity Jane "Cally"
Born: 2005-12-06
Hips: Elbows: Heart: clear Cystinuria: clear Pedigree Photogallery

Cally is a great granddaughter to our precious
Lilleman. Her mother is a daughter to Flickas
littersister. We are so grateful to Connie and Dirk for asking us if we were interested in Cally.
She is a very happy girl reminding us dearly
about our deeply missed Lilleman.
Everything Cally does is done in a big way. She
always jumps in the deepest and muddiest ditches, if she is running she always wants to be ahead of the others. But most of all one must say that Callys main interest lies in FOOD. Her whole life circles about food, like when it is about to be served (which is never too often), and of corse how much food she can have, it's never enough in her mind. A big sorrow to her is that she is very often on a strictly based diet to avoid overweight. She would do almost anything for a candy. But honestly she is maturing nicely and being both calmer and more majestic in her manners.

Cally has been shown a couple of times with good results, but unfortunately she missed the last
showseason due to an injury, she has also been totally out of coat this summer but hopefully it
will come back in reasonable time. We hope to clear her swedish championtitle this upcoming season. Cally will also have her official x-rays done during this winter.

We are very glad about her brothers (Clark Gable) success at the Danish Gold Cup this year, going 2nd in open class males and like Hexan made it to the last cut in the final as one of the nine best dogs at Gold Cup. Very nice performance.
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A lot of more pictures and updates about Cally coming as soon as possible due to overwork.

We are working on her photoalbum, but here is a few pictures so far.

Beautiful picture of Cally by Heike Schmidt-Röger.
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Cally to the left and Blondie looking for food.
Our kitchen being reconditioned after a fire winter 2007/2008.
Luckily all went well and by now we have a new and beautiful kitchen.

Cally: "Whao, talk about a fixer-upper"
But it hasn't slipped her eyes there are two cans of dogfood on the bench ;o)

Dogshow in Germany. Photo by: Beothuks Newfoundlands

And a pic of our renovated kitchen, Callys No 1 favorite place on earth :o))