Har du något vackert, så giv det då ut! Det fula och det stygga dock inom dej slut!
Världen den är ofta så tung och så grå, och elaka tankar finns det nog av ändå. ~Margit Lang~ 

Bikkjehaugen's Norwegian Design
Born: 2005-03-01
Hips: D Elbows: clear Heart: clear Cystinuria Pedigree Photogallery

Blondie is a sweet white/black female. She is a granddaughter to our precious Olivia, which with this litter made us have the white and black line combined with Olivias pedigree. This was really exciting for us. Blondies littersister is the now a bit famous Nemisis, who managed to take the titles NORD winner-07 as well as SV-08. We are happy to see Olivias grandchildren making success in the showring. Especially with the white and black color.
Blondie has given us one litter out of Cannonbear's Crawling In The Dark "Otto". They are almost 17 months old by now (december 08) and grows very quickly. Both of the girls - Riverdance "Gertrud" and Royal Collection "Mysan" lives with a breeder of leonberger and are enjoying their life with Kristina and her family. The male Krambjörnen's Rolling The Dice "Sixten" is very promising for his age and a beloved familydog living up to all the treats of the real newfoundland. Gertrud was shown at "Lilla Stockholm" and went BOB-puppy. Hopefully they will have some nice time out on shows when they have matured and maybe they will continue the white and black line in their future offspring. Lots of thanks to Randi and Ola for sending Blondie to us.

Blondie is now spending her days with Sussa, Jens, the kids and Joey in northern Sweden.